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Mist Express - parcels from Aliexpress under the door

Another parcel with Aliexpress to Ukraine delivered under my door via courier Mist Express.

As I have already said, it was a case where the package was delivered to me with Aliexpress New mail directly to the address. This way is not the first case. Previous visits SF Express gave me the parcel via Mist Express through postomaty Private Bank. This time Mist Express delivered directly to the address. There are a lot of complaints on the Internet that charge carriers forced extra for such delivery, however, none of the cases I have described, this was not.

Everything unfolded as usual, waiting for the arrival of a parcel at Ukrposhta, suddenly I get an SMS message from the Mist Express with my track code and the date of the arrival of a courier. Indeed, on the day of the appointed date phoned me and agreed delivery time. I signed and received your parcel.

What accounts for the new co-operation with internal Aliexpress Ukrainian carriers (New Mail, Express Mist) is not clear, but it's good! After Ukrpochta, unfortunately, it is not characterized by high speed and exemplary relation to the client.

And yes, if your premise is not tracked by the code track on Ukrpochta check online Mist Express, maybe she was there. My parcel was sent after the order in Aliexpress OMNIVA-Estonia Post, track offered via PAKTRAC service. Room was as follows RO321030791EE. The most interesting is that the parcel came into the country through the Lions, but not as before through Kiev.

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