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Free mediator guitar for Aliexpress

Free mediator guitar for Aliexpress Free mediator guitar for Aliexpress

Sure, why not? We are pleased to help you find and select the product you are interested. Perform the order for you. Our group is the largest broker trading platform Aliexpress. Registration and processing of the order without commission, free shipping worldwide. All prices can be seen in real time on the website

Our responsibility is to: ordering of the address of the customer, supplier communication, control of dispatch, supplier discovery disputes in the marriage, with delays in delivery or loss of goods in the mail.

Once you have decided on the desired item, make a request in accordance with our regulations and agreed with the administrator need to pay one way (map Private Bank or Web Money). It is advisable to take a picture of the check and send it to us. The original save.

After that, we do the order chosen goods on Aliexpress. The parcel will be carefully targeted to the post office at your place of residence. Track code sites to track parcels provided within 10 days.

Reception and processing of orders daily.

Products are selected on their own site, the site opens in Russian, which simplifies work when choosing size.

To place an order you must send a request to the administrator in a strictly defined format:

1. a reference to the product color, size, and other characteristics

2. The name of the recipient (up to 14 years in the parents' orders are fulfilled)

3. Address (index, region, city, street, house, apartment, phone)

4. Photos of the check payment is desired. Payment amount listed on the site Aliekspress (payment in local currency, rubles, dollars)

5. Also included in the prerequisite "Tell a Friend" about the group, will be checked, if you do not want to perform the item, the ordering of the Commission undertakes to 5% of the order, please note when you pay.

6. The application must be sent in either LAN administrator or the email admin@aliexpress-shop.info

7. The application can be sent through the order form on the site

Payment should be made only after consultation with the administrator ordering and final amount. Some of the goods is the sum of delivery, pay attention to it. Carefully look at the presence of the commission payment for admission, if the amount is less than the price of supplied goods, the order is not executed.

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