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11.11 on Aliexpress - world day of shopping!

Do not you dare miss the World shopping day, that goes around the world in almost all real and virtual stores.

How to Plant, a global day of shopping is considered to be November 11 of each year and lasts 24 hours. However, in the Chinese Aliexpress store shopping day goes a little differently. If the regular store is just a discount, in Aliexpress it draws, gifts, free goods, and huge discounts!

And so sale is held every year on November 11 and lasts for hours. Sale already carried out in 2014 and 2015 and, due to its popularity, will be held 11.11.2016. There is another name - the world day of shopping at Aliexpress.

This year, Ali prepared for something new - November 9 start an online broadcast of the most popular bloggers and obzorschikov goods from Aliexpress store (ru.net zone): Katya Clapham, Rachel Levin @ RCLBeauty101, Alexandra Pereira @LovelyPepa. They will tell you the sweetest offerings during sales on 11 November.

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