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Determine the approximate date of receipt of the order for purchases in stores Lightinthebox, Miniinthebox, Dropinthebox

Methods for calculating the estimated date of receipt of parcels from China to purchase in retail and wholesale stores Lightinthebox, Miniinthebox, Dropinthebox. calculation tables for different product groups.

Calculate the date of receipt of the order is easy! Calculate the time you receive the parcel, you can folded time spent on order processing and delivery time, depending on the chosen method of preparation. For example, you ordered the radiator. To calculate the approximate delivery time, go to the page description of the radiator, and go to the "Order Processing Time". Next, add up the time spent on order processing, and delivery time with respect to the chosen method of delivery.

Many products are guaranteed to ship within 24 hours from the warehouse, after payment of the order, you can define them using the mark "Dispatch: 24 hours." Time for processing of such goods is less than one working day.

Drawing attention to this mark, you can take advantage of a fast delivery.

Example: The following table is provided to calculate the time of receipt of your order.

For the different categories of goods processing time is different. Using the chart below, you will get the exact information about the time required for processing of the goods to get the complete picture of the time of receipt of the order. Delivery times may be increased by 3-6 days on the eve of Chinese New Year.

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