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Delivery Lightinthebox

A wide range Lightinthebox.com products can be delivered in different ways. Please note the information below to learn about the cost and timing of delivery Lightinthebox. And also LightIntheBox free shipping.

You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. For most products, LightInTheBox.com will offer you the choice of three methods of delivery. Please note that if each item in your cart has a status of free shipping, you will not need to choose the delivery. LightInTheBox.com will automatically send an order via the most optimal delivery method, based on the size, value and the recipient country.

There are four types of delivery Lightinthebox

Expedited Shipping Lightinthebox

This is the most expensive and fastest delivery method (3 - 5 business days). All orders receive discounts Expedited Shipping for delivery depending on the number and weight. Now, really! Having studied the responses of buyers from the countries of the former CIS, - delivery lasts 10-15 days! That is, using it makes no sense.

Standard delivery Lightinthebox

The most common and affordable shipping option Lightinthebox. In terms of delivery and cost for residents of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus can be compared with Aliexpress. According to reviews, the actual delivery time of 15-25 days from the date of order.

Super Saver Shipping Lightinthebox

The cheapest delivery method. The delivery time of 15-40 days, in fact. The disadvantage: not always possible to trace the parcel.

Free Shipping Lightinthebox

As a permanent delivery method is not available! Free shipping is only for the seller's request. To do this, look for products marked with Free Shipping. The delivery time of 15-40 days, in fact.

Calculating shipping costs Lightinthebox

Shipping costs depend on the amount of goods and their weight, as well as the delivery method you have chosen. Prices of goods in the store do not include delivery charges! In order to calculate the shipping cost Lightinthebox, follow these steps.

Add interest to your product to the cart. Go check if you are not logged in on the site. Find and click on the bottom of the page button to calculate shipping costs. Although usually the cost is calculated automatically. Select a country for delivery to more accurately calculate the shipping cost. Preferred and proven international delivery services. Lightinthebox is working and delivers orders through such international delivery couriers like DHL, EMS, FedEx, HK Post.

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