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What is Dropinthebox store?

If you are looking for Chinese wholesale store, Dropinthebox this is what you were looking for ... Dropinthebox is a subsidiary of the store from Lightinthebox. The difference from other Chinese store is the wholesale price and minimum order quantity.

In Dropinthebox store you can buy wholesale products are the same as in retail. The only thing that Dropinthebox imposes restrictions on minimum order of one type of goods.

There are several ways to get to the wholesale shop Dropinthebox: either select items on lightithebox.com site and then click on the link "Wholesale" - you will be transferred to the card of the same product but for wholesale purchase. Either directly on Dropinthebox.com and choose and order goods there. While there is little to know this store, but in the world it is very popular and has more than 500,000 active customers.

All sites are available in Russian, so no problems should arise! Delivery with Dropinthebox carried out in several ways - paid and free. Accordingly, the delivery times are different (3-30 days).

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