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Icons and icons for Aliexpress

Decoding of icons, icons, logos, markings in the Chinese store Aliexpress

View the name in English. Clicking on this icon, you will be able to see the original name of the goods on the Aliexpress. For what? Well, you saw the automatic translation into Russian.

QR code. Going on it, on a mobile phone you can buy this product cheaper by using the mobile application Aliexpress.

If the goods do not correspond to the description, you can return the goods by paying the cost of return shipping, or leave the goods to yourself and negotiate a compensation with the seller.

Icon delivery in time. If during this period you do not receive the parcel, the seller will refund your money. Not to be confused with the delivery time!

Buyer Protection. The seller participates in the program Buyer Protection

Size table. Clicking on this icon will open a table of sizes that corresponds to the selected product.

Warehouse icon in Russia. This means that the goods are on the territory of the Russian Federation and are delivered only through the territory of the Russian Federation, respectively.

Service and warranty. For this product, service and warranty repair is available in your country.

Support in Russian. This means that you can communicate with the seller in Russian.

Send a message. Send a message to the seller.

Chat. Communicate with the seller in real time.

Seller rating. Formed by the number of sales and customer reviews. The higher the better.

My desires. To avoid clogging the basket, you can add interesting items to wish lists.

My Aliexpress. He's also a private cabinet.


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