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Female Aliexpress, men's AliExpress, for whom this store?

Female Aliekspress, men's AliExpress, for whom this store? We argue about the eternal struggle of both sexes! Whose is this store? Male or female?

And so guys, in this article we talk about the popularity of the Chinese online store among men and women, to whom Alyekspress liked more, what sections will be interesting to men, and what to women. Which goods are recommended for purchase, and which ones should be refrained from. Consider men and women individually - according to the tradition of girls ahead.

Female Aliexpress

The most popular inquiries among the girls in the store Aliexpress can be safely called such sections as: clothes, underwear, shoes, jewelry and various accessories, including for mobile phones. That is, women's Aliexpress is limited to small and inexpensive purchases.

And it's not surprising because for the girl the main thing is not the thing itself, but also the process of buying - to be like, to measure, communicate and so on. Therefore, the amount of purchases, as a rule, are limited to amounts up to $ 50.

The most interesting is that exactly these women's sections of Aliexpress are the most safe for purchases. However, it is worth paying close attention to when choosing the sizes of clothes - on Alyekspress everything is different than in ordinary stores.

Male Aliexpress

Male AliExpress cardinally differs from the male - the guys give more priority to HI-END technology, goods for cars and motto, computer technology, mobile gadgets and accessories. Although the orders are much smaller than that of women, they are much more expensive - up to $ 1000.

Such purchases are much more risky than others, since the purchased item does not always correspond to the declared characteristics. With such orders, it is worth paying close attention to the product description and the seller's rating.

Female Aliexpress, masculine Aliexpress - withdrawal
And so what can you conclude in the end? Aliexpress in equal parts, both female and male! True, the number of purchases for women is greater than for men, but for smaller amounts. In men, respectively, the opposite is true! They have more expensive and technology purchases. Therefore, Alyexpress can be recommended to both men and women!

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