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Buyer Protection on Aliexpress

Consider the general provisions for the protection of the buyer on Aliexpress: terms of protection, what to do if protection is coming to an end, and in general what is it?

What protection at Aliexpress?

This is a special mechanism for developers Aliexpress that allows almost fully protect customers from fraud sellers, as well as save your money.

How does the protection Aliexpress?

Once you have paid for your order, activated buyer protection. What it is? The first stage is the processing of the order - a timer is started (usually from 3 to 10 days maturity) - If during this period, the seller did not send the parcel, the funds will be returned to you. If the order is canceled by the seller - as a means to return.

If during the term of order processing parcel was sent to the seller and you've got a track code starts the second phase - the period of protection for the buyer. Usually it is the timer for a period of 15 to 60 days. During this time, and you should receive your parcel. The seller does not get the money until you confirm the receipt of the parcel.

What to do if the term of the protection order expires and the posting has not yet received? How to extend the protection to Aliexpress?

There are two options: sending tracked and monitored. In principle, in any case within five days or six open dispute just in case! If all is well, and the seller is honest, he will write you a couple of apologies and extend the protection of the buyer. As a rule, 99% of all comes - there are delays. If the seller is a scammer, most of all, he does not act and the dispute is automatically resolved in your favor.

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