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What is the passport data for aliexpress?

For what and in what cases does Aliexpress ask for passport data? Is it possible to specify passport data for Aliexpress?

For registration and purchases, Aliexpress usually never requests passport data. Data of your passport may be needed only in a few cases. When paying with AliPay, when paying by some electronic payment systems, when using paid deliveries, for customs. Let's talk about each of the situations in more detail.

Cases when Aliexpress requires passport data
Alipay wallet. During registration in the payment system, Ali Pei has recently been required by law to provide passport data. But for shopping with Aliexpress you can do without it.
Commercial delivery services such as DHL, EMS, SPSR Express and so on. As a rule, these companies may require the data of your passport for the customs form of the parcel. Usually, the data is requested in case of expensive and valuable parcels.
Customs can request passport data. If the parcel falls under the amount after which customs clearance is required, customs officers can contact you and ask for passport data.

Can I enter passport data into Aliexpress?

Yes, you can. But just make sure that this is the official website of Aliexpress, not a fake. Only the official website of Aliexpress can guarantee the confidentiality of your data. Also, if necessary, the data can be entered on the AliPay service (https://intl.alipay.com/).

What happens if I refuse to enter my passport information?
In the case of Alipay, you will not be able to complete the registration. If it is from the customs office then the parcel will be returned to the sender, and you will receive your money for the order back.

How do I know if I need passport data?
You will be notified by mail or mobile phone with further instructions: what are the passport data for, where and how to fill them.

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