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Whatsapp and Aliexpress

Communicating with the seller Aliexpress using Whatsapp. Ability to communicate with the seller Aliexpress using the Whatsapp messenger.

Recently, in a letter to the seller, Aliexpress accidentally noticed that in the contact data in addition to mail, a regular phone and a link to the store, there is a number for communication by Whatsapp. New And naturally decided to check! And what do you think, the seller replied.

For full communication I wrote a message in Russian and English to check. Since many Ali sellers communicate without problems in Russian.

This type of communication can be useful for prompt resolution of issues with your order, as well as for entrepreneurs for a dialogue on wholesale purchases for example.

How do I find the Whatsapp number of the seller on Aliexpress? As a rule, in the decorated store all contacts are at the top, as shown in the picture. In other cases, look for them on the left and at the bottom of the page.

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