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The whole truth about the official Chinese online store Ali Express

In this article, we will confirm and deny all the known myths about the official Chinese online store Ali Express. What a harsh truth, and what stupid prejudices.

I think that the existence of the Chinese store Ali Express is not a secret for anybody, and many of you have heard about it! Naturally both good and bad. Today I will try to cover the most common questions regarding this store in China: payment, delivery, is it profitable to buy ?, Is it safe to buy? And so on. First of all, let's define with the address of the official Ali Express website - it's en.aliexpress.com or aliexpress.com. And not otherwise! Well, now I'll walk through myths and truth.

The truth about the official Chinese online store Ali Express

At Aliexpress cheap goods! Yes, indeed in the Chinese store Ali most of the goods are much cheaper. However, every little thing makes sense to look in your city - it's the same, but you do not have to wait.

Parcels with Ali for a long time! Also true. Parcels for the moment (2017), on average, go from 10 to 25 days. And in rare cases, up to 40 days. In more detail in a separate article: "Why are the parcels with Ali Express going so long?"

On Ali free shipping. By the statement yes, in fact there. Even if free shipping is indicated, its cost is likely already included in the price of the goods. But usually for a typical retail buyer the price is not high!

Myths about the official Chinese online store Ali Express

On Ali, the express is deceived. Not without this, however, in recent years, risks are minimized due to the buyer's protection system. Buying from trusted sellers, this problem disappears.

On Ali, all the goods are substandard! Also partially true statement - after all it is China. The ratio of quality and low-quality goods in the official Chinese online store Ali express 50 to 50.

Ali sends the wrong size - in 99% of cases the buyer is to blame. Here is our special section on the right choice of sizes for Alyexpress.
In general, we can conclude that the official Chinese online store Ali Express is quite convenient and safe, but not without exception. As a rule, all the unpleasant situations that arise when shopping in Ali are single, and largely depend on the buyers themselves.

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