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Order Processing Time Aliexpress

Very often ask customers: "What is the processing order? Why so long last shipment? What to do?". In this manual we will try to describe and answer all common questions in detail.

Once you have chosen and paid for the order, Ali store checks and confirms your payment. At your order there is a new status - Order Processing and goes countdown, for example - the remaining days: [6 days 8:00 43 minute. ]. There is an opportunity to cancel the order or to extend the processing time. And so what order processing time?

Order processing time on Aliexpress this period of time within which the seller receives, processes, collects and passes it to the parcel shipment. Typically, only then you get the track code to track parcels. The processing time is usually set between 3 to 10 days. Be careful, in this period of time the seller may try to contact you for clarification of any details available on request.

What happens when the processing end? If the timer expires, and the seller does not confirm the shipment, and the order will be automatically canceled, and the money to go back to earlier in its entirety. By the way technology order processing time is convenient because you can cancel the order - what if you make a mistake in something when placing an order. In this case, you also get the money back.

Term of order processing is very large - 30 days for example. Time processing of personal whim of the seller, so when you order the goods, pay attention to it. Why order processing time as much? Usually this is due to the Chinese New Year - Holidays in China, you know. And there are situations where goods from a seller with a long treatment is cheaper than others. Most likely, this is due to the collection of orders for a month to save money on production.

What to extend order processing? Sometimes Aliexpress seller notes order too late, and he may ask you to extend the processing time. Something like: "Please extend the processing time, so I can send you an order." You can extend and - nothing wrong and dangerous for you there.

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