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Possible statuses of international parcels

Breakdown and explanation of the possible status of parcels from China. The most frequent statuses parcels from China. Translation into English. Status parcels on Aliexpress.

Status China Post tracking international mail.

Collection, 收寄 局 收寄 (Acceptance / Reception) - Receiving Mail postal China.

Opening - Received a transit point. Data status may be several.

Dispatching, 出口 总 包 互 封 封 发 - Processing of departure, preparation for export.

Departure from outward office of exchange, 出口 总 包 直 封 封 发 (Total export package / Export) - Sending has passed customs clearance and sent for export. After that, the status of shipment arrives in your country in about 15-25 days.

Additional transit and status:

NULL - this status is worth mentioning separately because it was he who causes the most problems for users. In fact it does not even state of origin, and the designation of that status, placed by China Post, simply do not have the English translation in the tracking system. The fact that the procedure for processing postal export in China differs from the conventional presence of additional steps and actions.

To honor long been accused of sending, China Post, and has introduced a number of additional statuses, but in an internal accounting system, they are made in Chinese. A translation into English is simply not available. Therefore, the status display, we see the first word NULL (as a symbol of the lack of translation) and then the very status of origin, designated characters. They may be different and designate different actions. Google translate is usually no problem helps to read what these characters represent. For example:

已 收到, PVG (has been received / received) - Sending received Pudong Airport (the airport of Shanghai) to send.

启运, PVG - Start shipment to Pudong Airport.

A record of the status itself will look like this: NULL, 已 收到, PVG, UA

Three letters that follow the characters indicating the status - is the international designation of the airport, where the operation took place. Three-letter coding international airports can be found at IATA. To do this, in the upper drop-down menu, select Search by Location code, in the bottom field, type the three-letter designation of the airport, and then click Search. In the box below you will see the name of the city and the name of the airport.

The last two letters of the Latin status - a designation of the recipient's country of origin. In our example, UA - it is Ukraine. For Ukraine, respectively, will be the letters UA, Belarus - BY.

Upon delivery of transit through third countries, status will be displayed as well, but will change the code in which the airport has been bearing this status. For example: NULL, 启运, FRA, UA

Notice status sending a NULL only displayed when tracking in the Chinese system tracking or by using specialized software. The site of the Post will display only the basic status - reception and export.

Often there are cases where tracking systems appear export status, but the administration is still physically located in China. Again, can get on some sort of sorting center. There happen disbanding prepared for shipment mail container, new and re-sorting of the mail happens formation of the container and prepare it for export. In this case, the tracking system may receive a second export status (see example in the figure).

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