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User level Aliexpress and reward. Bonus points and privileges. Benefits from Aliexpress

User level Aliexpress and reward. Bonus points and privileges. Benefits from Aliexpress.

And so the next update from Aliexpress. Older usual levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze) degenerated and were replaced by other groups with different privileges. The level of user fees and Ali Express. Bonus points and privileges. Benefits from aliexpress.

Depending on quantity earned your balls, you will be assigned to the corresponding group and, accordingly, the privileges and bonuses Aliexpress. You will be assigned a level of AliExpress A0 to A4.

How can I get bonus points ?:

Bonuses for orders. You get 1 point for every $ 1 spent at US orders over $ 2. Valid only for a maximum of 10 orders a product.

Bonuses for your feedback. You get 1 point for every left product reviews. Bonuses of the day. Every day, when you are buying on AliExpress, you get 5 points.

Please note that all bonus points are awarded only for orders of more than US $ 2. Points are not awarded for the canceled or returned by the orders. AliExpress Your level is determined based on the number of bonus points accumulated over the past 365 days. Please note that you will lose points scored before, so your level may drop.

Exclusive privileges from Aliexpress

Notifications about discounts. Available for all levels: A1, A2, A3, A4. If the price of any product in your wishlist or basket down, you will be notified by e-mail.

Accelerated repayment Aliexpress

This privilege allows customers to level A3 and A4 will receive rebates. If the seller has confirmed your request to return the goods, you only need to fill in the tracking number on AliExpress sent you parcel, and refund will be processed automatically.

Buyers level A3 may receive expedited refunds to US $ 25.

Buyers level A4 can receive expedited refunds to US $ 100.

Rewind is only available to customers the level of A3 and A4.


Q: How does an accelerated return?

1. If you want to return the goods, apply for a full refund.

2. If the seller agrees to refund, send the goods to the address given by the seller.

3. Fill in your tracking number sent parcels on the page of the dispute.

4. As soon as you do this, your payment will be immediately sent to your AliExpress.

Please note: The exact time of receipt of funds to your account depends on your original method of payment.


Is there a limit to the amount of accelerated return?

Yes there is. Buyers level A3 may receive expedited refunds to US $ 25, and buyers level A4 - worth up to a US $ 100.


My level A3 / A4, but I was not able to take advantage of the accelerated repayment, why?

Answer: This feature is still in beta, so do not apply to some orders.


Accelerate dispute

Available only to customers level A4. When you sharpen a dispute, you can choose to accelerate the dispute to allocate it to the special team for the settlement, which will be engaged in your question. This will speed up your review process for 5 days.


Is there a phone number of the team accelerated the settlement of disputes?

Unfortunately, not yet. However, you can contact our support team.


How long it will take consideration of the command for the settlement of disputes?

The review process will be expedited dispute for 5 days.

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