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Track number without letters

Often it happens that sellers of Chinese stores to track your package track point code without letters.

Here's how to keep track of the track without code letters on the example of the store Aliexpress.

For example, you have made a booking and tracking information seen here is: "Seller's Shipping Method and track code without letters - 33059908966". Yes, indeed it is the first time I have also caused suspicion - track code is usually consisted of two letters in the beginning, a set of digits and two letters at the end. But nothing came parcel.

The thing is that recently with the development of Chinese shops around and a lot of international delivery services available.

Normally parcels track code without the letters are small packages (envelopes) with small orders - jewelry, fine clothing, spare parts for mobile phones and so on.

To track the parcel with the track without code letters in the first place is to use the link provided to you by the seller in the description. However, no information is likely you will not get - this is 90% of the administration without the possibility of tracking, so relax and wait ...

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