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Top sellers on Aliexpress

Who are the top sellers on Aliexpress? The advantages of buying from top sellers in front of ordinary sellers. And how to find top sellers on Aliexpress?

And so, first let's see who the top sellers of Aliexpress are and how they differ from the rest. Sellers who received the TOP mark, this is an excellent service - they have the highest ratings and customer reviews; Trust - an excellent reputation among customers; Reliability - each seller is checked by the administration of Aliexpress monthly. Only the best sellers get the status of "Top Seller".

How to find Top Sellers on Aliexpress?

Pay attention to the icon of the top seller next to the store name in the categories, store goods lists, the merchandise card and on the store's page.

Can sellers of Aliexpress obtain the status of the top seller for money?

No. The status of the top seller of Aliexpress to get for the money is not possible. It is assigned to the seller manually, by the store administration on the basis of many rules and requirements.

Can you trust the top sellers of Aliexpress?

Choose a seller for Aliexpress is as always carefully. However, top-sellers in 99% of cases fulfill all their obligations!

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