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Should you buy at the store Aliexpress

The eternal question of the buyers: "Should I buy Aliexpress?" - For those who are too lazy to read the full article and to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the Aliexpress.com store give an answer immediately: "Yes, it is."

Yes, shopping at the store Aliexpress is, I would say a must, especially if you want to save. So let's look at the points, in which cases you can buy, and in what you can not. We would like to note that these arguments are the subjective opinions of the editorial board "AliInfo" and are based on information gathered from the Internet.

What are the things worth buying at Aliexpress:

Without fear can replenish your wardrobe, ranging from shorts and finishing with wedding dresses - shoes, items, hats, costumes and so on ... 50% of the market, and so filled with China. The main thing to choose the right size Aliexpress.

  • House, cleaning, cooking utensils and any other plastic products.
  • Goods for tourism and recreation
  • Jewelry, accessories, sterling silver, gold-plated. Attributes style - sunglasses, wallets, handbags and so on.
  • ACCESSORIES - loggers, GPS, all for tuning, car accessories - everything goes 100% from China in any way.
  • Kids toys
  • Products for animals - there is no options only Aliexpress
  • Mobile device - a very responsible and careful! Since a lot of throwing and counterfeiting
  • Flower seeds and fruit and vegetable crops.

What are the things one should not buy on Aliexpress:

  • Definitely do not recommend flash drives, memory cards and external storage media
  • Computer hardware (expensive) - at your own risk.
  • Food, beverages, teas
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