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Statuses of orders on Aliexpress

Decrypts order statuses when you buy in the store Ali Express

When shopping in the store Aliexpress in the list of orders, depending on the circumstances of your shipment status will be changed regularly. Let's look at the meaning of each status in more detail. Generally, you will find the following status options:

  • anticipated payment
  • Payment is confirmed
  • It is waiting to be sent
  • The order has been sent
  • Order Cancelled
  • frozen Order
  • is being spores
  • Getting confirmed

Status expected payment, usually happens when through the basket, paying and placing an order, the payment is not held for any reason. In this case, the basket of goods is lost, but it appears in the list of orders with the status of pending payment, where you can try to pay again.

Status payment is confirmed appears within 12-24 hours after successful payment.

Status will turn on after sending safe payment. At this point, a timer (in 3-20 days) during which the seller must ship your order or it will be canceled.

Status order has shipped - the seller sent your package and gave it to track the code tracking. At this point, a timer from 10 to 60 days during which you have to get your parcel.

Order canceled - well, everything is clear!

The order is frozen - as a rule, in case of suspicion managers Aliekspress seller fraud. Do not worry, you do it does not threaten - such proceedings do not last long.

It is under dispute - you opened dispute, for one reason or another. Also included is a timer for its settlement.

Status confirmed receipt - you got the package and confirm the execution of the order. If not, the order will be closed automatically after expiration of the term of protection of the buyer.


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