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The dispute in the Aliexpress store

The dispute on Aliexpress. How to open dispute and what it angling. In some cases, it makes sense to open a dispute on Aliexpress?

What is the dispute (a dispute) on Aliexpress? This is one of the means of protection for users while shopping. What can the opening of a dispute? In the course of a dispute, you can get a full or partial compensation for the money spent. The dispute is usually open in two cases: the goods arrived, but not what you need, and goods come. We consider these cases separately.

But you have received the parcel contents, for example shoes the wrong color that you ordered. You can open a dispute! But from then on as natorguete. Any dissatisfaction with your purchase, any deviation from the description - you can open a dispute.

The item is not received. Open dispute on Aliexpress. We wait.

How to conduct the dispute to Aliexpress in or otherwise read below and overcame video.

How to open a dispute on Aliexpress?

Before opening the dispute Aliexpress, first, make sure you are not mistaken. Second, immediately prepare the photos and the main package, which is labeled the track code and your address. Yes, it is very important debate to be opened during the period of the protection order.

To initiate the dispute must be in the list of orders to find the desired position and click to open a debate (open dispute). Next, choose the appropriate position, as there are a few things in order, and once again we press a dispute (open dispute).

Now answer these questions. Answer everything as it is, it is not necessary to invent anything. Unless you do not want to deceive the seller Aliexpress. The comments describe the problem. I usually write in Russian and in duplicate with the assistance of an interpreter in English.

Tip: never indicate that you wish to return the goods - it is almost impossible and very troublesome!

The dispute could end up in the Aliexpress?

Well here it is, in principle, everything - then wait and monitor the dispute (the countdown starts). Normally open dispute time is from 3 to 10 days. If within this period the seller does not act, then the dispute will automatically decide in your favor, and you will receive the stated compensation.

But, generally, if the seller does not throw, you will get a message that the seller will offer a solution to the situation agree to the terms of your applications when submitting the dispute. As a rule, all correspondence addressed. And the worst thing that can happen is a proposal to give you a big coupon code on your next purchase instead of compensation. Whatever it was until you close the dispute agree, the seller will not receive the money.

The aggravation of the dispute to Aliexpress

If a compromise is not reached, it allows Aliexpress aggravate the dispute - which means that the sales department will intervene Aliexpress and will examine the complaint. But usually this does not come up.

The dispute in the Aliexpress store

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