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Seller's shipping method tracking parcels

Increasingly, the Internet found that the question: Seller's Shipping Method and how to track those packages? In this article, we try to explain who the Seller's Shipping Method.

When shopping in Aliexpress item is sent around the world by international postal services. So in Aliexpress sellers provide some standard major postal companies such as Special line YW, SF Express and others. However, many sellers are less well-known courier and send their parcels through them. That's when you can see and order information in the name of the courier Seller's Shipping Method. In fact it is a translation - the transport company at the discretion of the seller.

Do not be afraid and worry - it's not cheating! Making sure you will find. In order to track the parcel with the administration or that status is necessary to click on the link, you have to hold the seller and tracking there. Normally this site www.17track.net.

Chances are that the first information about the movements of sending Seller's Shipping Method appear within 5-10 days, and will not appear on the website of the Aliexpress. Track must be directly on the site specified by the sender.

In order to track the parcel Seller's Shipping Method you need to go to the website http://www.17track.net/ and click on "track overseas dispatch." Enter your track code and press "Search"

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