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Site Aliexpress in Russian in rubles

Due to the incredible popularity of the site among the Russian-speaking customers Aliexpress Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, the creators of the shop developed a full Russian version of the magazine.

Translated into Russian all sections with the goods, help, help, instructions, procedures of payment and delivery, etc. The only thing that has not been translated, or rather translated means Google - the description of the goods. Translation bit unrelated, but intuitively understand everything and will not cause problems.

Site Aliexpress now in Russian, and the prices in rubles Aliexpress

Now AliExpress site in Russian rubles, hryvnia, dollar, euro. Use any preferred currency and language. The basic price of the site is still the dollar, prices in rubles on Aliexpress formed the basis of the ruble / dollar, hryvna / dollar. Prices in rubles or hryvnia on Aliexpresse may differ from the actual amount when paying, as the course depends on your bank or payment system.

Site Aliexpress in Russian rubles and opened the Russian-speaking users to millions of cheap and quality goods from China. I think you will not just come to the site Aliexpress and went with him in mind uncertainties or any questions.

How to Aliexpress in Russian, and prices in Russian rubles?

How to make Chinese Aliexpress shop in Russian? It's very simple. The easiest way to link to Russian-language version of the site Aliexpress. But there are other sophisticated methods to transfer trading platform in China Aliexpress on Russian, Ukrainian and other languages.

The first way. After contact with Aliexpressa site, your browser will prompt you to transfer your own page.

The second way. Write in your browser ru.aliexpress.com

The third way. In the upper right corner of Sait Aliexpress can find the inscription 'Choose language'. When you fall menu where you can select the recipient's country, the language and currency of site shop. That's all. That's basically it. Site Aliexpress Now in Russian.

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