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Mediator Aliexpress

Today we unveil the veil of so-called intermediaries Aliexpress - who they are, principles and whether they are necessary at all to you, as well as where to find them.

What is the mediator Aliexpress?

Recently, on the Internet, especially on social networks are beginning to breed individuals, groups, communities, organizations that offer brokerage services for buying at the store Aliexpress. Who are they? If the answer in general - are the ones who make you purchase the desired product for you for you, but with some conditions.

The principle of intermediaries Aliexpress

Typically, intermediaries are divided into two types: those that charge a fee for their services and those who work "for free". But overall scheme of any mediator next - you pay in advance, and a commission for intermediary services, if necessary. Intermediary goods orders and, depending on conditions, either product comes directly to you or to an intermediary who then sends it to you by courier services within the country. Meet Aliexpress intermediary who works without pre-payment is almost impossible. That is, the mediator is one who stands between you the seller to Aliexpresse.

Feasibility of intermediary services Aliexpress

And now the main thing! Official resellers Aliekspress does not exist! By sending money to the intermediary, not how you are protected, in contrast, from the protection buyers Aliekspress! Second, you overpay for the goods. Thirdly, I am sure you are perfectly can order goods - the good Aliexpress store has long been a fully Russian.

Everything you need to know to order - it's like to fill in your shipping address and how to choose a seller.

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