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View the name in English Aliexpress

What is the purpose of viewing the name of the goods in Aliexpress in English?

In other words, this can be called viewing the original (in the language of publication) the name of the product Alyexpress. It is very convenient when looking for any specific products (for example from such sections as electronics or components and spare parts)! After all, when you buy such goods you need to be 100% sure that this is exactly what you are looking for - the right model and modification.

The thing is that Aliexpress as a rule automatically takes you to the Russian version of the store with all its shortcomings. In our case, this translates the names of goods into Russian. And since the translation is carried out by a robot, it is accordingly not exact. Therefore, clicking on the View title in English AliExpress button will return you the original name of the product.


View the name in English Aliexpress

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