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Shopping on Aliexpress. What should prepare, making purchases through Aliexpress

Review article about the peculiarities of the purchase of goods in the Chinese online store Aliexpress. Feedback from customers, both positive and negative sides.

And so for those who do not know Aliexpress Store is a store located in China. Rather this marketplace, where vendors sell a variety of products. Aliexpress allows you to make purchases from anywhere in the world and, accordingly, gives them back.

Making purchases in Aliexpresse, you will need to be prepared for the following points:

1. Depending on your country, the service purchase can last from 10 to 60 days.

2. Making a purchase on Aliexpresse, you must first pay for the goods. That is, prepayment and no exceptions.

3. Returns, though possible, but very problematic

4. Guarantee, quality and service, respectively, is also missing

However, when buying goods in Aliexpress you will be pleasantly surprised assortment of very low prices. Chances are that you will find a lot of products that you have seen in the shops of the city.

Reviews of purchases on aliexpress can be read directly on the item card, well, or on other sites and forums if you do not trust. In fact, shopping, at least the Russian-speaking customers very much, and most of the positive reviews. How to properly and safely buy through Aliexpress not disappointed you can learn by reading the article from our How to Buy section on Aliexpress.

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