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We buy the first time in Aliexpress (actual from 2017)

A detailed instruction for those who buy in the Chinese online store for the first time. Registration, order, payment delivery. The article is relevant from 2017, as there have been many changes.

If you are reading this article, then, most likely, you are preparing for your first purchase at the Aliexpress store. The first time is actually very important, as it will add the first impression of the store and set the mood for the following purchases. It is very important to make a registration for Aliexpress at the first purchase and fill out the delivery address. Just as important factor is the choice of the goods to pay for it and of course the receipt (tracking). We'll talk about this in detail in this article. How does Aliexpress work and work principles

First registration for Aliexpress and filling out the delivery address

And so registration on the site of the store Aliexpress. Go to the main page of Aliexpress (in Russian) en.aliexpress.com. We start filling in the necessary fields.

Email, name, surname, password, verification code. Click the button to create your profile. Then we see congratulations on registration! We return to the main page and fill in the delivery address. An example of filling is below in the photo.

We fill the address of delivery of Aliexpress

Despite the Russian interface, all the fields are filled with English letters in Russian - that is, transliteration. We enter the personal cabinet using the password and e-mail specified during registration.

Delivery address Aliexpress. Go - My AliExpress - Delivery Addresses - Add. All the fields in spite of Russian comments, we fill in English. For residents of the Russian Federation must indicate full name! Otherwise, do not receive the parcel! Everything is intuitively clear, we will not focus on this except the postal code.

What is the zip code for Aliexpress and where to get it. The postal code, as a rule, for the CIS countries is the post office code of the state mail in your country, which serves your address in the place of residence. For example: For Ukraine, Odessa street. Filatova 52 is the index 65074. That is, the mail that serves my address is assigned the code 65074.

How do I find out the mail index for Aliexpress?

For Ukraine postal codes are http://services.ukrposhta.com/postindex_new
For Russia postal codes - http://ruspostindex.ru
For Belarus postal codes - http://belindex.ru
For Kazakhstan postal codes - http://kazindex.ru
Or just call the information desk.

It is very important to specify the correct zip code - this depends on the speed of delivery and in general the fact of delivery!

All. Confirm the data and save. If you need to add one more address, the procedure is the same. I hope that we were able to answer the question: "How to register for Aliexpress." For clarity, you can see below the video lesson about registering in the store.

We turn to the search and selection of goods

Further, the process of searching for and selecting goods in principle does not differ from the shops you are familiar with. The goods are divided into categories and sub-categories. In order not to write the same thing several times, it's better to just read the answers to the most common questions:

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Paying for orders by Aliexpress

We will assume that you have chosen and put the desired product in the basket. We pass to payment of the order. Payment methods are also diverse, but we recommend using either a bank card or electronic payment systems. This will greatly protect you from deception and kidalov. Here is a separate article: The Aliexpress card. Payment by credit card to Aliexpress

Then you just have to wait. Parcels from Aliexpress are delivered in about 15-30 days. To your post office (the index of which you indicated when filling out the delivery address). Why does it take so long to send from China?

In order not to worry, Aliexpress gives you the opportunity to track all orders. All the steps to your mail from 2017 can be tracked right in the office of Aliexpress. How does the Aliexpress delivery work ?. Believe me, buying the first time in Aliexpress is absolutely easy and safe.

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