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Make a complaint on Aliexpress store

Function complain (report item) in the card catalog at Aliexpress. For whom and why?

Recently I noticed that all products have a link titled Report Item, even in the Russian version. Passing through it, it turned out that it is possible to file an anonymous complaint against the seller and the goods! Why do it is not clear.

Rather, I suspect this feature is primarily intended for producers in the event of a breach of any of their copyright. For example, a manufacturer that sells branded goods, which is not right.

Normal users, for example, may complain about the goods in the event of non-compliance to its description. Such tricks by the way, is often used by fraudsters to Aliexpress.

To report a product Aliexpress simply click the link report item, and choose what it is you want to leave the complaint. Please note that it is necessary to complain of the cards of certain goods and the seller, is to punish him!


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