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Tracking of parcels with Aliexpress - edition 2017

New, updated, convenient tracking of parcels from the Chinese online store Aliexpress without leaving the office.

Dear readers and buyers of online store Aliexpress, starting from 2017, the process of tracking your orders and shipments of Aliexpress is greatly facilitated. Now you do not need third-party services and programs. All tracking takes place in the personal cabinet of Aliexpress.

In order to track the parcel, you must go to the list of orders and move the mouse cursor over the button with the check tracking checkbox.

As soon as you move the cursor, you will see the current status of the item and its track number. For more information about tracking click on the same button. At the moment, in fact, intermediate statuses do not interest us - there will be enough basic four, which will give us an idea of ​​the location of the Aliexpress package.

Seller shipped your order - the seller sent your order
Depart From Original Country - the parcel left the country of the sender
Arrived At Destination Country - the package arrived in the country of the recipient, as soon as you saw this status the parcel will be in your sleeve in about a week.
Delivered - the package was delivered

Tracking of parcels with Aliexpress - edition 2017

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