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Track parcel from China

How and where to track the parcel from China? How do I know the track number to send Aliexpress? What sites and programs can use? On all these and other questions we try to answer in this article.

To track the number of parcels from China have to learn it first. Where to see it by the example of Chinese shop Aliexpress. Once you have paid a purchase it will appear in the list of orders (Order list). Usually within 24 hours of your payment will be verified and confirmed. During the order receives the status 'Pending shipment'.

Further, within a specified period of shipment the seller your order is collected and sent. Once the package is sent, the order gets the status of 'Acknowledge' - and information about your order will track the code parcels from China.

Next to the track code packages (right) has a link to the courier's website, where you can track the parcel respectively on track code. A recently parcel status displayed right there, but after a long delay. Normally, the track has a code look like this RG141273465CN, however, each mail carrier its format. The first information on the track code parcels from China appears usually 5-10 days from the date of dispatch. Therefore, do not panic prematurely.

Very often it happens that the track code changes in the process of sending. It is displayed in the order information - crossed out the old, and there is a new one.

To accurately and comfortably track the parcel from China, we recommend using the program Track Checker. The program contained the base of almost all international mail services, which will track the parcel from China at all stages.

When the status of sending you away; the city and zip code - all posting on your mail, you can pick up.

  • Track parcel China Ukraine please visit UkrPost - information will appear as soon as the package will cross the border of Ukraine.
  • Track parcel China Russia please visit the Russian Post - information appears as soon as the package will cross the Russian border.
  • Track parcel EMS can be both at the international dance page and on regional ones. Parcels sent by EMS service usually reach within 15 days.
  • If your code is sending the track is not tracked, read an article My track is not monitored. What to do? What to do?
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