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Special delivery of parcels from Aliexpress to remote regions

Now there is an opportunity to order and buy goods from Aliexpress for those regions in which Aliexpress could not deliver parcels before! Special delivery of parcels from Aliexpress to remote regions

Some buyers are faced with the problem of shopping in the store Aliexpress:

In Aliexpress there is no possibility to choose the settlement in which you live
The courier does not deliver parcels to your region (most likely remote from "civilization")
One appeared output for some cases. If you still very much want to buy something on Aliexpress you can contact the seller of Aliexpress and try to solve this issue. Offer to pay additional shipping costs. But, as a rule, if it is possible the seller himself will offer you such an option!

He will throw you a link to the page of the usual goods Aliexpress. Only there will be indicated the courier who is willing to do it and the cost. Pages with these additional payments look something like the picture below.

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