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Pay Cash on Aliexpress

I want to congratulate the citizens and buyers from Russia - now you have the opportunity to pay orders from Chinese online store Aliexpress cash!

Ordering Process produce as usual - add to cart and click buy. However, when choosing payment methods, select a bookmark other payment methods. In this tab, we can see: to pay in cash.

Next, enter your mobile phone in the format + 7 .... And click continue. With confirmation you will receive an SMS message, which will be indicated the amount of the order and a special billing code.

Within 48 hours, the buyer must pay in cash for your order at the offices of the Russian Post "communication salons" Euroset "and" The Messenger ". Commission when paying in cash will not be charged. With a must-have of payments from the SMS code.

Always in the next days, check order status on Aliexpress. The status should change to the payment is confirmed.

That's basically it. Cash in Aliexpress nothing more complex than other payment methods.

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