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One size fits all. What is a universal size?

A very common question among buyers not only Aliexpress "Universal size is what?". Here, let's try to answer this question and translate the phrase universal size in numeric values.

Sometimes referred to as a universal size ONE SIZE. Universal size normally used in the sale of summer dresses, Lacina, tank tops, shirts, T-shirts, overalls, various carnival costumes.

Typically, this size falling within the range of 42-46. If your size is in the following ranges: Height: from 155 to 178 cm, weight: 43 to 75 kg, the amount should go without problems.

However, the situation with China can be quite different. When selecting the size Set ONE SIZE, be sure to read the description of the goods - it will be the dimensions of the product! Only after removing the measurements make an order!

Uniform or universal size in Aliexpress may mean simply that the thing is done only in one size.

Size fits is what? Typically, 42 - 36, and in absolutely any Aliexpress.

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