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ON-LINE chat in Russian in the section LIGHTNING on Aliexpress

In the LIGHTNING on the Aliexpress there was an on-line chat in which it is possible to communicate with sellers in Russian.

If anyone does not know, the section of LIGHTNING by Aliexpress is: the purchase of goods only from official suppliers and sending to you from a warehouse in Moscow. Guarantee of the best service. In the section LIGHTNING on Aliexpress you will find only the original certified technique (EAC standard). You receive warranty service in official service centers in your country. Free delivery throughout Russia - more than 50 cities in 2-7 days.

And since recently you will be able to get answers to all the questions you are interested in in Russian in real time with the help of the chat support of Aliexpress. It can be found on the main page (https://mall.aliexpress.com/molnia) of the zipper section on the right, as shown in the figure.

After clicking the Live Chat button, you will immediately start a conversation with the operator

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