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Officially recommended Aliexpress.com partners intermediaries

Are there official mediators Aliexpress shop and how to find them?

Who are the agent for Aliexpress? These are people who are assisting with the purchase and registration of orders in Aliexpress charging, as a rule, for this percentage of the total order. Their services are usually used by people who, for one reason or another can not do it yourself.

Firstly, I hasten to assure you, officials and intermediaries Aliexpress does not exist! And if there is something approximate to this, in case of any incident Aliexpress shop will not bear any responsibility for them.

Secondly, all the mediators tend to work on a prepaid basis - which means that you are sending money to no one. And who knows what you will get in the end - you do not protect against fraud!

Third, believe in purchases Ali There is nothing complicated and unlike official resellers or not the store protects you from sellers fraud. And the parcel you will get much faster. And even if all of a sudden Aliexpress recommends some intermediary, it is in any case nothing will happen to you to decide if a problem occurs. My advice to you - better to ask someone of your friends to help you with orders, than to use the services of dubious middlemen!

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