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Incorrect shipping address on Aliexpress what to do?

Change the shipping address in order Aliexpress after confirmation of payment can not be! By the way, it is not subject to both you and the seller. But, as if it happened that you specified an incorrect delivery address and order, you can try two options:

1. Try to inform the seller about the change of address to the already paid orders;

2. Cancel the order, stating the reason - the wrong address. In fact, it is better so, if paid by credit card and payment systems.

In the first case you need to send a request through the personal correspondence. If the seller has not sent Aliexpress your order, maybe it will change the shipping address on the right. New data on the delivery of the best point and fully in English, do not attempt to selectively modify the data destination - the Chinese do not delve much into the details and can make a mess. You must provide the following information:

  • Contact Name (full name);
  • Address (street name, house number, hull number, apartment number);
  • City (city);
  • Provincy (state);
  • Post Code (zip code);
  • Country (country);
  • Phone (telephone number).

In the second case, after canceling the order with incorrect address, simply place a new order, with the correct filling in the delivery address. Or add a new recipient, if required.

Note that the order deemed waived only if the seller will confirm this. Refunds for the canceled order occurs within 9-14 days. And in the first and in the second case it is best to contact the seller to resolve the problem.

Pay attention! Pointing contact data, you must use the address of the receiving the package (usually your district office address) or the address to which you want to your package was delivered. Registration address customer mail services are not needed.

What to do if your order has already been sent

If an error in the address sending was discovered after sending the parcel, the option to receive the package still exists. Make the order tracking number on the track, which gave the seller. Once the parcel status is "arrived at the place of delivery", you should contact the post office, where it is the administration and try to resolve the situation.

If you make a mistake when entering a house number, the postman present your passport and call the phone number. Since the address, the recipient's name and phone number listed on the parcel, with its yield problems should not arise.

Typically, mail goes to a meeting and all the problems are settled, especially if the parcel is not particularly valuable.

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