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Reliability Aliexpress store, as well as risks in buying on Aliexpress

Today will discuss the issues that are often found in the vast Internet. That is the risk when shopping in China. Consider the reliability of Chinese shops on the example of Aliexpress, as it is the most popular store among Russian buyers.

And so, reliability Aliexpress. In fact, all comes down to reliability Aliexpress Reliability seller from whom you buy the goods. For those who do not know Ali is a trading platform that only allows manufacturers to sellers trade their goods. However Aliexpress take care of you, and came up with such a thing as a protection for the buyer. What is the protection of the buyer, see the separate article: "The protection of purchases in Aliexpress."

At the beginning of its operations for Russian customers of fraud cases it was quite frequent. But now, after a long time, and when our nation is a lion part all purchases - to assess the reliability of Aliexpress and sellers can be estimated at 9.5 out of 10. We have to make purchases in China for over 3 years and during all that time, no any complaints there. In the most extreme case, the seller or the guarantor Aliexpress return the money.

At the moment, the only thing you risk by buying goods with it Aliexpress the following things:

Get parcel not during - depending on many factors parcel delivery time from China can be very large.

Do not get the parcel (your fault) - specifying the wrong delivery address. Do not get the package through the fault of Seller rare, and if you return the money under the program to protect customers.

Certain risks Aliexpress related to the choice of clothing sizes and footwear - again, read the article, how to choose the size to Aliexpress no problems.

There is also a risk that the goods come relevant statements described.

In order to minimize the risks in buying in Aliexpress first need to ensure the reliability of the seller. Hence the following question: "How to check the reliability of the seller to Aliexpress." Reliability Seller upon this customer reviews and ratings. Accordingly, read an article on how to choose a seller Aliexpress.

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