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We meet a new section on Aliexpress - Lightning. Lightning is an analog of the MALL, but with goods of the highest quality and with lightning fast delivery. The section is only for buyers from Russia.

What is the LIGHTNING of Aliexpress?

Procurement of goods only from official suppliers and sending to you from a warehouse in Moscow. Guarantee of the best service. In the section LIGHTNING on Aliexpress you will find only the original certified technique (EAC standard). You receive warranty service in official service centers in your country. Free delivery throughout Russia - more than 50 cities in 2-7 days.

Delivery from section Lightning on Aliexpress

The goods of the Aliexpress store are distributed free of charge throughout the territory of Russia. Delivery of goods is carried out from warehouses in Moscow by the delivery service of SPSR under your door, with the exception of remote settlements (delivery to such areas will be made by the Post of Russia).

Sending of parcels is carried out within 24 hours after payment.

When will they bring me the parcel?

The approximate delivery time is 2-7 days in 50 cities of Russia.

* The rest of Russia's cities do not ship more than 20 days.

The calculation takes into account only working days.

In what way is the delivery of parcels from the Lightning?

Delivery is carried out by the courier service of the CPCR. Each parcel at the time of sending is assigned a unique tracking number (postal ID or track number). With the help of this number, you can track the progress of your parcel on the site of the company PSRC.

When placing an order, make sure that the address is correct: you can not change it after the order has been paid. Be sure to include the current phone number so that the courier can contact you in time to deliver the parcel.

Guarantee of the quality of products from section Lightning for Aliexpress

When you make a purchase in our store for all goods, you get a check guaranteeing the purchase of the original and licensed goods. We work only with trusted distributors and manufacturers. Each product has a warranty check, under which you are provided with full warranty service in the Specialized Service Centers in accordance with the RF Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

Where to go if a warranty event occurs?

In case of occurrence of a warranty case, you should contact a specialized service center, providing a warranty card and a check. Depending on the degree of damage, your product will either be repaired, or you will be given an opinion about the impossibility of repair. With this conclusion, you can contact our customer service department and you will be refunded for defective goods.

Links to service centers for goods Aliexpress LIGHTNING:

My warranty card is empty, what should I do?

Experiencing is not worth it, the ticket may not be filled, but it does not deprive you of the right to contact the service center - filling in the warranty card by the seller is optional.

What is not covered by the warranty?

On consumables and materials (batteries, cartridges, etc.), as well as repair or replace naturally wear parts during operation.
Warranty repairs may be refused if the installation or repair of the goods was carried out by persons who do not have the appropriate authority;
Guarantee seals are damaged.
Before switching on the equipment, carefully read the attached instructions. If the conditions of operation are not observed, the right to warranty repair is lost.
How is the return of the goods purchased by Aliexpress in the lightning section?

If the product did not please you / the second half / mother-in-law / cat, or you just suddenly changed your mind - you can return it to us within 15 days.

What does "unconditional return" mean?

This means that you can return the goods without explaining the reasons - within 15 days of receipt. Be sure to keep the original packaging and presentation.

Make sure that the original packaging is kept.
Apply for a refund in your account by specifying the reason.
Enter the track number of the parcel in your account.
Wait for the refund.
Send the parcel to us.
3. ALWAYS put in the package filled in the application for a refund and a sales receipt.

Can I change or return the equipment if it was not used?

Return goods of good quality can be if:

The buyer is not a legal entity;
Saved a sales receipt;
The product has no traces of use;
The factory seals are preserved (if the product was sealed - as a rule, these are system blocks); No installation of the goods;
The product has full original packaging (provided that the goods have been sold in the original packaging); Retained accessories, supplies from the bundled product, components, labels, accompanying documentation and software included in the product, and their packaging is not damaged; The Apple / Samsung phone was not activated (the product belongs to a complex one
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