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My track number from Aliexpress is not monitored. What to do?

Boys and girls sit back - Today we will try to answer the most common question when buying in foreign online stores (Ali, Taobao, Ibey and the like). Track My code is not monitored. What to do?

It does not track the parcel with Aliexpress what to do? After reading this article, most likely your problem is solved, but my heart will be calm.

And since you made the order, for example, on Aliexpress, paid and everything ... The scheme of work around this: the choice of goods, payment, payment verification, shipping sellers, receiving track code.

1. The seller has not given a track code. The first thing you need to do - is to check your mailbox - every step you will receive a notification. When the goods are sent, you should get a letter here with the theme: Your Order 65519797821543 has been shipped. 

The number in the letter is the number of your order! Not to be confused with the tracking number sending - by the way, one of the common mistakes users.

This letter comes within 5 days from the date of payment of the goods. These terms are defined by the sellers, they are shown on the item card and called the timing of shipment (ships out within). If within this period the track code is not specified, the money will automatically return to your account - that is, in this situation, do not panic. Dispatch within a specified time in the interest of the seller.

2. The seller gave the track code, but it is not information, it is not monitored. Here there is already a lot of variants. Let's look at the most common causes:

a) Usually, the first traffic information appears to send the 10th day because of their large traffic at the post office in China. Just be patient.

b) track the parcel as possible on the site mail carrier who was sent parcel (reference to the site is shown next to the track code). Third-party services may not have access to the databases of the carrier.

c) has been more than 15 days, and the premise is not monitored. The first thing to do is go to your list of orders Aliexpress find order and to check if the track has not changed the code package. Quite often, sending the track code changes, before leaving the country of the seller.

If the track code remains unchanged and is not monitored - contact the seller. Most likely, he will write his mistake and will send another code.

Also it is not seldom that the track is not monitored by sending itself to sending and receiving. This is usually small items: jewelry, sewing, stickers, etc. But do not count on it greatly.

Open debate and to demand a refund for the first term is useless. There blotted open debate on the protection of the last days of your order Aliekspress store.

In general the case. Hopefully we partially answered your question: My track code is not monitored. What to do?

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