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Local or internal return of Aliexpress

Local or internal return of Aliexpress. What is it, what is needed and how to use it.

What is the local or internal return of Aliexpress?
Local and internal return Aliexpress is an analogue of the law on consumer protection, which implies the return of goods within a certain time period. And for any, even for a far-fetched reason: I did not like the color, shape, smell and so on. Such a return is part of the Aliexpress consumer protection system. By the way, it was implemented before, but you would have to send the goods back to China, which is almost impossible! Now you can return the goods to the warehouse in your country, if it exists, of course.

How to find goods on Aliexpress with local return?
Going to the category you are interested in, you can simply sort out the vendors who support the local or internal return service. All that needs to be done is tick the goods filter.

Also for Russians there is a special category: goods in warehouses of Russia - MALL. There, almost all products fall under warranty, service and return.

Who can use the local or internal return?
Principle, any buyer in the country which has warehouses or representative offices of Aliexpress or the seller Aliexpress. But, I want to tell you that at the moment, among all the countries of the former CIS, they are only in Russia. So the rest of the buyers from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan can still not pay attention to the option "Local or internal return of Aliexpress"

How to use the local return?
Suppose you received the parcel, opened it, but decided to return it. It does not matter for what reasons. In order to take advantage of the local return, you need to go to the list of your orders for Aliexpress and open the dispute at the desired position.

Then choose the item return the goods and money. Then choose the option "Internal return". Specify the amount of compensation - as a rule, this is the price of the goods. In the description of the reasons for the return, we write the reason accordingly. In case of a local return, you will not need proof.

All further we press the button Local return and we wait. In an amicable way within five days you will receive instructions from the seller: where, where and how you can return the goods. Then as soon as the seller receives the goods, if it meets the return conditions, you will receive your money back.

Conditions for local return of goods to Aliexpress
The goods after the opening of the original branded packaging can not be sold again and can not be returned.
Returned goods must retain the undamaged brand packaging in which they were received, including accessories, invoices, labels, etc.
Goods or accessories with signs of use or damage can not be returned.

Goods that have been washed, worn, damaged or torn off labels are not refundable.
Jewelry, watches, accessories, eyeglasses or similar goods that have been used, altered, scratched, replaced or damaged are not subject to return.
As we can see the rules are very murky and the reasons for not taking your goods very much. And you can treat these points as you like. Therefore, when buying on Aliexpress try to immediately buy exactly what you need. In order not to get involved with this bureaucratic procedure.

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