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Shop Aliexpress cancels the order

Shop Aliexpress cancels the order. What does it mean? How to be? What to do? Will I get the money back?

One of the most common situations in Aliexpress is order cancellation, not caused by your desire. In this article we will try to consider all possible situations associated with the cancellation of the order for Aliexpress and what causes and consequences follow the cancellation of the order. Just want to say that order cancellation can be caused by standard predictable reasons:

The buyer cancels the order

  • The order has been canceled by you. You accidentally ordered not what you wanted or after you found the same product is cheaper. And they decided to cancel the order of
  • Aliexpress and to re-negotiate with another seller.
  • The order has been canceled by you. You just changed your mind about buying this thing. Or the order was paid by accident.

The seller cancels the order

  • As a rule, the seller cancels the order only in one case - this is the lack of goods or the ability to send it to you.
  • Other reasons unknown to us

Aliexpress cancels the order

Directly the store Aliexpress cancels the order only in one case! The seller of Ali is suspected of deception or fraud. In this case, the order status is preliminary - the order is frozen, and then the order is canceled, and then the reimbursement of funds. As you understand, Alyexpress himself cancels the order only in case of emergency! In the rest it is the initiative of the buyer or the seller.
In any of the options for cancellation of the order, the money will be returned. Reimbursement is from three to ten working days.

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