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Country code when filling out the field phone to store Aliexpress

How to specify the country code and area code when filling your mobile phone number in the store Aliexpress.

Buyers who buy for the first time in a Chinese shop often ask questions about the correct filling of the field telephone, namely specifying the country code and the city. In this article, we will explain how to do it. Just want to note that the filling of the phone right or wrong or does not affect the delivery! However, the correct filling is still desirable, as in case of any problems and questions you can contact the staff mail or customs. We shall indicate the mobile number to be sure, but not the city.

Consider for a start Aliexpress code on the example of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

1. The first part of the number is the country code:

  • For Ukraine, the country code - 38
  • The country code for Russia and Kazakhstan - 7
  • For Belarus, the country code - 375

2. Next, a section for the city code. We inscribe code mobile operator:

  • MTS Ukraine - 050, 066, 095 ...
  • Megafon Russia - 920, 921, 936 ...

3. Next, we enter the remaining digits of your number. The extension box can duplicate your phone number to your liking, or enter your second number as the first time.

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