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Chinese shop Aliexpress in Russian

What Aliexpress? Do Aliexpress in Russian? How to buy Aliexpress? What are the terms of delivery and how to pay for orders. Answers to common questions about the Chinese store Aliexpress.


And so what store Aliexpress? Aliexpress is a giant marketplace for buyers from all over the world. It presents, in contrast to conventional stores in your area, products of Chinese manufacturers, and almost from the manufacturer, so to speak, first hand. In fact, Ali can not be distinguished from any other store - select items, make an order, pay for it and then get at the local post office (for Ukraine it Ukrpochta for RF is the post of Russia).

Prices for certain groups of goods Aliekspresse significantly lower than where everything else. You will be able to purchase goods in the 50, 100% cheaper. But everything is good so can not be: the delivery time can range from 15 to 40 days, but more on that later.

Aliexpress in Russian

Once the first store's website Aliexpress, do not be alarmed if it in English. In the upper right corner you can choose the currency (the US dollar is recommended), language and your region. Main menu, sections and categories will be translated into Russian instantly. However, the description of many items still remain in English or translated not qualitatively; although intuitively everything will be clear even to such transfer.

How to buy on Aliexpress

All products are grouped into Aliexpress in Russian search for the desired product will have no difficulty. In the search box the name of the product, you can write in both Russian and English. And now a few nuances and recommendations that should be considered when purchasing:

Price. Final price in the currency of your country is formed based on the dollar for your region, and method of payment. Therefore, we recommend that you set the default currency dollars to make it easier to count.

Payment. To pay or recommend the use of credit cards (VISA, Maestro, Mastercard), or electronic money (PayPal, Webmoney, Yandex Money) as in the case of what funds will be returned to them automatically. When paying at the terminals or translation problems can arise when you return.

The choice of goods. When choosing the goods do not rush to the first found - usually sellers of the same product number, and prices may vary. Try to choose an item from the seller with the highest rating and the amount of the order (see. Figure)

Checkout. At the first purchase you need to register and fill in the form of targeted delivery. Fields completed in English. It is important to specify the postal code (zip code) - it can be found at your local post office.

Tracking is performed at the number that you receive after the shipment of the seller of goods. More details can be read here.

Goods from China (Aliexpress) can be an excellent analogue of expensive products that you have previously bought at inflated prices. To achieve maximum benefit buying oversized items weighing up to 2 kg. Such parcels from China will be sent to you by Air Mail, and with free shipping.

After completing all of our recommendations, you are sure to get the item you have ordered on time. Successful purchases you with Aliexpress. If you have any questions, please contact our online consultants and they will help you make the order.

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