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Which indicate postcode for orders from Aliexpress?

Instructions on the correct fields postal code (zip code) when you order in Aliexpress store.

Many users at the first shopping in Chinese stores are faced with the problem of filling the delivery address, namely the field of postal code. Many people because of their age may not even know what it is or how it is necessary to enter the index. These things guide will answer all your questions.

What is the index Aliexpress?

Zip code is used in almost all countries that have a national (state) mail service: Ukrposhta, Russian Post, Kazpost, Belpochta. So each of the post office has a special number, a cipher - that is the index. It was his and should be indicated as well as sending it comes to the separation of the index, which you specify. A shipping address when this plays a secondary role.

How do I find the index of its post office?

For each country offices indexing occurs on its own way, so the indices should learn at special sites. mail Index directly linked to your place of residence, so it should be selected from these considerations. Let's look at an example.

For buyers from Ukraine. Go to the website UkrPost (http://services.ukrposhta.com/postindex_new/), continue to search for the place of residence, select your region, city, neighborhood, street and hit search. If done correctly see a list of offices serving your area. Finding the address in the table and the corresponding index. His and enter on Aliexpress. And by clicking on the room, you know, and his contact details and location.

For Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other selection scheme index is the same. We use the official sites of public postal services.

What will happen if the wrong point in the zip code Aliexpress?

As you know, the parcel will go to the index that you specify. The only way out is to communicate with the office, which will come on premise and try to resolve the issue. Otherwise, the parcel will be returned to sender.

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