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What is the real dollar exchange rate for Aliexpress?

How to find out the real dollar exchange rate for Aliexpress when paying with hryvnia or ruble cards. Correct recalculation of prices of Alyexpress in hryvnia and rubles.

As you have probably noticed on Aliexpress you can transfer prices from the dollar to any currency convenient for you - in hryvnia or rubles for example. But you should know that this is not an exact price, since Aliexpress translates by the average rate.

To find out the right price, you need to know the real dollar exchange rate. And the real dollar exchange rate will correspond to the bank rate of the card you are using or the electronic payment system. Let's look at an example.

Suppose we have goods on Ali worth $ 10, Aliexpress transfers the price to UAH at the rate of 27 UAH for 1 dollar and shows us the price of 270 hryvnia. However, the dollar exchange rate, for example, when paid by the Privat Bank card is 27.5. And this means that the price is higher than what Aliexpress shows.

The thing is that even if you change the currency to Aliexpress, you will in any case buy in dollars. And paying for a hryvnia or ruble card purchase, you buy a dollar from the bank at its rate. This applies to electronic payment systems when paying for an order in other currencies.

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