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What time on Aliexpress store?

If at first glance, the question seems pointless, then you are wrong! When it comes to sales and promotions - time Aliexpress plays a key role.

All auction sales and promotions on Aliexpress are always limited in time and if you do not know how much actual time is now on Aliexpress, you can fly well past the attractive offer!

The thing that works Aliexpress Pacific Time (PST - Pacific Standard Time).

For example, while Moscow is 4 hours behind the time for Beijing. And most importantly - time to Moscow is 12 hours ahead of time, which in Aliexpress. For example, if Moscow is now 18.00 (evening), then Aliexpress 6.00 (morning) the same day.

What you need to know the time to Aliexpress? Yes to avoid missing sales. Time to sell Aliexpress, for example, starts at 0:00! So selling in Moscow will start at 12:00 noon.

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