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How to register in Aliexpress? The address on the Aliexpress

Manual and video tutorial on how to register for Aliekspress and correctly specify the address of delivery. Basic provisions common mistakes and recommendations. After all, Aliexpress address is correct given a guarantee that the shipment is received by the customer.

So check online store Aliexpress. Page of registration in Russian - https://login.aliexpress.com/join/buyer/expressJoin.htm. Begin to fill in the order required fields.

Email, name, password, a verification code. Press the button to create your profile. Next we see the greeting with registration! Go back to the main page and move from filling the delivery address.

Delivery address Aliexpress. Go - My AliExpress - Address info - Add. All fields in spite of the Russian comments, fill in English. For residents of the Russian Federation need to specify full name! Otherwise, you do not get the parcel! Everything is intuitive, we will not dwell on this except the zip.

What is the zip code for Aliexpress and where to take it. Postcode, as a rule, for the CIS countries is the code of the post office of the state address in your country, that serves your address in the residence. For example: For Ukraine, Odessa Street. Filatov 52 - an index of 65074. That is a post that serves my address has been assigned the code 65074.

How do you know the index address for Aliekspress?

For Ukraine, postal codes - http://services.ukrposhta.com/postindex_new

For Russia, postal codes - http://ruspostindex.ru

For Belarus, postal codes - http://belindex.ru

For Kazakhstan, postal codes - http://kazindex.ru

Or simply call in help.

It is important to specify the correct postcode - depends on the speed of delivery and in general the fact of delivery!

All. We are supporting data and save. If you need to add yet another address - the procedure is the same. I hope we were able to answer the question: "How to register on Aliekspress." For clarity, you can see the video tutorial below about registration in the store.

How to register in Aliexpress? The address on the Aliexpress

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