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How to place order on Aliexpress?

In this article, let's talk about it in detail how to place orders in the shop Aliexpress and order goods from China. As we discuss about the features associated with product search and filling of the recipient address, and payment methods.

The first thing you need to do to comfortable shopping site is translated into Russian and convenient for us to set the currency (the dollar is recommended, why read here). The easiest way to go directly to the Russian version of Aliexpress (http://ru.aliexpress.com) and aliexpress.com for USA, but there are other ways.

Pre-registration will spend in the store and fill Aliexpress contact details and address of sending (the order). How to create an account, you can read here and watch instructional videos.

Further, before an order, let us find it. In the search box, you can write in Russian. Writing, for example, 'shoes'. For convenience Aliexpress offer common queries to narrow the search. Go to the description of any goods you like.

For frequent, as well as in stores for the order Aliexpress select product attributes (size, color, packaging, etc.). Notes the need for the option and hit Add to cart.

Go to the basket and hit an order.

Then fill in the delivery address. We confirm and proceed to the payment. Choose a convenient way to pay for order and pay Aliexpress. In principle, this completes the order and clearance of goods in Aliexpress stage and begins tracking your parcel. During the day, your order will be confirmed - as you will be notified by mail. After a few days you will get the track code to track parcels. Read more about this in a different article, "How to track the parcel with Aliexpress?"

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