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How to choose the color on Aliexpress?

It often happens that when buying on Aliexpress of any goods in the pictures of many colors, but you can not choose the color. Or, for example, the minimum shipment of 10 pieces, it is in different colors. How to choose the color and order the entire batch of the same color?

Let's say you buy a T-shirt. The picture and description of the jersey is present in 5 colors, and there is no possibility to choose the color! What to do?

The first thing to do - is to carefully read the description and picture. Typically, images with different colors of goods or numbered and signed by the seller asks you to specify the color in the comment to the order. That's all. Taki act - specify the desired color when ordering in the comments.

Another situation. It happens that, for example, for $ 1 you can buy 10 cans of nail polish in one lot. But there are lakes of different colors, and I would like to order a different color or the same color 10, and 10 different colors. The solution is the same. In comments at the order specifies the number and color.

I think we have answered the question: "How to choose the color of goods when shopping in Aliexpress if the choice is not provided"

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