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How to restore a canceled order on Aliexpress?

We answer the widespread question of buyers of the Chinese store Aliexpress: "how to restore or resume the canceled order for Aliexpress?"

In any case: you canceled the order itself, it was canceled by Aliexpress or the seller, you can restore the canceled order only by putting it again in the basket and paying the order. The procedure for restoring the order for already spent money is not provided. There are no other options! In order not to search for the desired product again, you can find it in the list of your orders, with the mark the order is canceled.

You will receive money for canceled order within 10 working days. Money comes back automatically, you do not need anything. In addition, the order is not canceled instantly - this procedure also takes some time.

By the way for the future, you can cancel the order only until the seller sends the parcel.

So be prepared for what to restore or resume the canceled order for Aliexpress, without paying for it, again fails.

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