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How to return an order, money from Aliexpress

The procedure for the return of orders and money when shopping in the store Aliexpress. How to return the order and money from Aliexpress. How to get compensation for damaged or defective goods with Aliexpress.

As you already know, in the event of cancellation of an order for Aliexpress, money is usually automatically returned to your account. And from you no action is required. But what to do if you received your order, and it is substandard or faulty. How to be in this case? How to return the order to the seller, how to receive compensation, how to return the money?

First, the first thing you need to do is enter your Aliexpress and open a dispute with the seller, specifying the reasons for which you want to return the goods. It is advisable to attach photos or videos of damaged goods. This opportunity is at the opening of the dispute. If the order is already closed, then, unfortunately, what can either not be done.

Secondly, if in the course of a dispute the seller offers to send him an order back, try not to agree to it. The fact is that sending a parcel back to China is very difficult and expensive. And yes, you will pay for the delivery. In short, to return the order back to Aliexpress is a dead number.

Thirdly. Demand either full or partial compensation. This is more justified and quite feasible.

If the seller does not give in, sharpen the argument. As a rule, the administration of Aliexpress always takes the side of the buyer. Especially if you have evidence. Therefore, it is better to shoot expensive parcels on video.

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